Read Reviews from Clients and Candidates

There is nothing to lose and much to gain in choosing to work with SAFREST. They know the industry and the market. They are very competitive on price, and they do what they say they will do. Their results are positively impactful on our business.

-Bob, Chief Operating Officer
 AmeriBest Home Care

Try it. You will understand quickly the difference between the personal touch SAFREST provides vs their competitors and if you are doing this yourself, you will quickly realize that the cost of your time to do this right will outweigh the fee coming from SAFREST.

-Humanitas Health Services

SAFREST is a great place to work!!! Reliable and consistent work is one of the benefits but the staff is easy to work with, very professional and they really match you with employment that best fits all parties involved. I’ve been a nurse since 2003 and this has been the best company that I’ve worked for by far!

-D. Christy

If you have multiple locations, want to save time and money, and make a long-term investment then you should go with SAFREST. Other agencies will try to convince you to take something other than what you are looking for, but SAFREST never made us lower our standards.

-Dianna B., Vice President
Surefire Health

It’s a good feeling to know that someone has your back, especially when it’s against the wall. SAFREST provided me with the reassurance that they had our best interest at heart and they worked really hard to support not only our company but the clients we serve.

Confidential Behavioral Health Facility

My experience was awesome. Leo’s endless dedication to finding a position that worked for me and my family demonstrated to me that this is the company to work with. Words cannot express my gratitude for the excellent services provided. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you Leo!!!

-M. Bentley

SAFREST Resources is great asset if you are looking for healthcare employment or for staffing needs. The team is friendly and works hard to help match high quality candidates, with a variety of different healthcare employment opportunities.

-Nick Kopelow

Just be really specific with the type of person you are looking for in advance so when SAFREST is pulling candidates, they can find the right person. Having your nonnegotiables and must-haves is super important.

Confidential Startup Hospice

The best Staffing/Resourcing company around! Very professional staff and the candidates are well prescreened. Basically they are the easy button that I needed for all my staff needs.

-Leonid Nisenzon, Co-Founder
Humanitas Health Services Inc

Carolyn Micheels is incredible. She was able to get me an interview and was persistent at following up. I got a job offer thanks to her efforts. Would recommend 100%.

-Paul Hofman

I love working for SAFREST. My placement schedule is flexible and works around my other job. They pay is above average rates and the owner and staff are very helpful and accommodating.

-Katherine Lockley

I would advise them [healthcare organizations] to work with you and know they will receive professional support and a group that will work very hard in finding the right fit.

-Christina V.
Caring Hopsice

I highly recommend SAFREST for anyone that is seeking quality candidates. Leo is professional, friendly, and a pleasure to work with.

-Elsa Arbitman

Leo is the best. Professional, responds quickly, keeps you updated and checks in to make sure you are okay!

-Melissa Fleming

Leo was very professional and easy to work with. I’d recommend any job seeker to utilize SAFREST to help find the best fit.

-Ian McCalister

Great company! Professional and Personable.

-Anne Beidler

The process was easy and had good results.

-Shawn B.
Chestnut Knoll Personal Care and Memory Care

Professional, friendly, and easy to work with.

-Nancy Allen