Startup Hospice Recruits a Staffing Partner

Special thanks to the Head of Hospice who took the time to help us put together this case study.

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Permanent Hire: Alternate Director of Nursing
Turnaround Time: 3 weeks
Start Date: April 2022


The hospice is an early-stage start-up in the life care space with fewer than 10 full-time employees. The Head of Hospice contacted SAFREST to help them identify and recruit for their Alternate Director of Nursing position because they wanted extra help in finding qualified individuals who could meet their needs and specific criteria. The hospice wanted to work with a recruitment agency that specialized in hospice hiring as well.


The hospice reached out to SAFREST Resources because of the agency’s specialization in end-of-life care. The team moved very quickly; the hospice signed the contract and the next day they were presented with leads. SAFREST presented a total of 3 leads for the Alternate Director position.


SAFREST Resources worked closely with the client to help them find the right candidate. A new Alternate Director was hired. SAFREST checked in with the hospice and the Alternate Director to monitor progress and success. This partnership allowed the facility to find an Alternate Director who aligned with its mission.

Through working with SAFREST, the Head of Hospice was able to take away some recruitment tips as well.

What is your advice to others who might be considering our service?

“Just be really specific with the type of person you are looking for in advance so when SAFREST is pulling candidates, they can find the right person. Having your nonnegotiables and must-haves is super important.”

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