How to Successfully Staff a Hospice

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The highest expense for companies is turnover. There are many reasons why someone leaves a position after only a couple of months. It could be that the offer letter was not clear enough or the description of the position was not laid out in a detailed way.

It is hard for agencies that do not have a human resources department or the resources set aside to fully source through prospective employees. Many employers don’t know how to communicate with candidates. They end up sitting on applications until it’s too late or setting an offer below market value because they haven’t done their research. You miss out on a potentially amazing addition to your agency and end up compromising because you’re not properly staffed. This could result in your current employees feeling overworked and underappreciated. In hospice care especially, you want to ensure that you are efficiently staffed in order to best serve your patients in all of their needs.

So how do you prevent this from happening?

In a competitive industry, it’s important to be fully prepared to get back to candidates within a few hours of the application hitting your desk. You also need to go in with a strong offer that’s backed by market research.

Our recruiters include those who have first-hand experience in hospice management and staffing. Before joining SAFREST, our Managing Director owned and operated a hospice in the Greater Philadelphia area for over 6 years. This type of insight into hospice care helps us better place prospective candidates into the right role and facility. We understand what hospices need to succeed – from maintaining required hospice nurse staffing levels to growing their business. SAFREST Resources helps local and national hospice clients of all sizes and helps them remain fully staffed with well-qualified individuals.

We provide full transparency throughout our recruitment process. We want to make sure that everything is clear so that there is no conflict or confusion during the recruitment and onboarding process.

We adjust our availability to meet candidates’ availability. Working in the healthcare industry isn’t always a typical 9-5 circuit. We understand our candidates may still have a job and need these types of accommodations. We spend a lot of time communicating with candidates on who they are, where they see themselves in the future so that we can fully understand what their needs and accommodations are before introducing them to a prospective employer.

We offer a direct approach to hospice staff placement that differentiates us from the average recruitment agency. From understanding employers’ current and future needs, to what the candidates’ needs and accommodations are, we take the time necessary to make sure we are finding the best placement for our candidates. We do this not only for the candidate’s benefit but for the employer as well to help ensure a low turnover rate. This is why communication is so important to us.

An in-depth screening process is essential for a successful placement. Each candidate undergoes a meticulous interview process to ensure they are fully qualified to meet our standards and yours. Over and above the skill and experience requirements of each position, we seek individuals with:

  • Empathy and a whole-person (and family) approach to care.
  • The emotional capacity to care for terminally ill individuals.
  • An ability to work well alone or as part of a care team.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.​
  • Up-to-date licensure
  • Meet all Federally mandated requirements
  • Background checks

SAFREST’s Responsibilities:

  • Source & Interview
  • Schedule interview with client
  • Assist with obtaining needed personnel file items

Getting a call 6 months to a year after the placement and hearing that it’s all going well, is what makes our job worth it.

If you are looking to grow a strong and passionate hospice team, look no further and give us a call at 1-800-716-2884.

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Hospice Searches for RN and CNA

Hospice Searches for RN and CNA

Discover how SAFREST Resources assisted Caring Hospice in Fort Washington, PA, in overcoming staffing challenges to recruit RNs and CNAs.

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