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At SAFREST Resources, we make hiring easy for you. Our healthcare staffing ensures you access skilled professionals, our locum tenens staffing offers flexible temporary solutions, and our legal staffing connects you with top-tier legal professionals. Partner with us to simplify your hiring process and build a strong, efficient team for success.

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Recruitment and Staffing Agency Services

Smiling group of medical professionals

Healthcare Staffing

Seamlessly linking healthcare professionals with job opportunities and assisting employers in finding qualified candidates.

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Locums Staffing

Efficiently matching medical providers with locum tenens positions, ensuring seamless quality coverage for facilities in need.

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Legal Staffing

Connecting skilled legal professionals with hiring leaders, ensuring tailored matches for both candidates and employers.

About Us

With over 15 years of experience at our disposal, our knowledge, expertise, and passion set us apart. Your staffing issues will be solved with SAFREST as your recruitment resource. We take into consideration your current and future needs and provide full transparency throughout our recruitment process. We want to gain a strong sense of your organization’s culture and develop a partnership with you to ensure long-term success within your staffing search.

Our Recruitment Process

At SAFREST Resources, our recruitment process efficiently identifies top talent for our clients’ opportunities. As a leading recruitment and staffing agency specializing in healthcare and legal recruitment, we prioritize understanding our client’s current and future needs.

Candidate Identification and Location

SAFREST Resources excels in identifying and locating candidates with the required skill and experience.

Comprehensive Candidate Interviews

Our rigorous process involves extensive interviews to evaluate educational and professional backgrounds, appearance, professionalism, and communication skills.

Skill Assessments

When necessary, we administer evaluations to thoroughly assess candidates’ skills, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities.

Qualified Candidate Presentation

We present qualified candidates for client review, ensuring a tailored match for the specific staffing needs.

Interview Facilitation

SAFREST Resources arranges interviews between our clients and the selected candidates, streamlining the hiring process.

Payroll Management

For contract or temporary employees, we take care of all payroll functions, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Onboarding Support

SAFREST Resources provides comprehensive onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition for the selected candidates, fostering a positive and efficient integration into your team.

Continuous Partnership

Our commitment extends beyond placement. We forge a continuous partnership with clients, providing ongoing support and collaboration to meet evolving staffing needs and ensure long-term success.

SAFREST provides comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process, from sourcing and qualifying candidates to negotiating competitive compensation packages and facilitating seamless onboarding. With our expert mediation and commitment to open communication, we ensure both candidates and employers are satisfied and poised for success.

Types of Placement Services

At SAFREST Resources, our recruitment services for employers are tailored to address the unique staffing needs of businesses across diverse industries. Our dedicated team takes a personalized approach, deeply understanding your organization’s culture and future requirements. We excel in identifying top-tier candidates through a comprehensive sourcing and screening process, leveraging our extensive professional network in the healthcare and legal sectors. From initial interviews to offer extensions and onboarding support, we provide consultative assistance, acting as a mediator to ensure realistic and desirable agreements between employers and candidates. Partner with SAFREST Resources for a customized and effective recruitment experience aligned with your specific business goals.

Direct Placement

Connecting employers with suitable candidates for permanent positions, ensuring a seamless and lasting match.


Providing a flexible staffing solution where employers have the option to hire candidates permanently after an initial contract period, allowing for mutual assessment.

Temporary Assignments

Meeting the dynamic staffing requirements of businesses by offering professionals for both extended projects and short-term assignments.

Why SAFREST Resources?

Choose SAFREST Resources for a seamless and rewarding staffing experience. With over 15 years of expertise, we excel in healthcare and legal staffing, connecting skilled professionals with top-tier opportunities. Our personalized approach ensures a perfect match between candidates and clients, fostering long-term success. Whether you’re seeking your next career move or looking for the right talent, SAFREST Resources is your trusted partner, providing reliable solutions tailored to your unique needs. Experience the difference of a dedicated and experienced team committed to your success.

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What Clients are Saying…

The best Staffing/Resourcing company around! Very professional staff and the candidates are well prescreened. Basically they are the easy button that I needed for all my staff needs.
– Confidential
Co-Founder, Humanitas Health Services Inc

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How to Successfully Staff a Hospice

How to Successfully Staff a Hospice

Learn essential strategies to successfully staff a hospice with SAFREST Resources, leveraging industry insights and a transparent recruitment process.

How to Successfully Staff a Hospice

How to Successfully Staff a Hospice

Learn essential strategies to successfully staff a hospice with SAFREST Resources, leveraging industry insights and a transparent recruitment process.